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Invitation for Member of SAP User Group to our next event:

SAP Licensing & SUGHK AGM 2017


Licensing has been a hot topic for SAP customers over the past few years, following the legal cases between SAP and local as well as overseas customers. As we spoke to our members about how to specifically address this, the topic of indirect access repeatedly came up.


In the attempt to help members to understand their licensing agreements, we noticed that there are vendors who have launched different tools allowing to evaluate SAP software costs & ensure license compliance.  As for this, we are delighted to have Snow Software Pty Ltd to share with us the knowledge and experience managing License Compliance.


Getting more out of it, DynaSys Solutions Limited, the certified platinum partner of SAP in Hong Kong and China, will share with us how to gain and bring value of SAP. When companies implement SAP as their core ERP application, they are investing their future with digital transformation in mind. The better understanding of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of SAP solutions, the better approach to protect their investment. This session is aimed to have a deep dive of SAP's TCO while unlocking the value for money of SAP.


Last but not least, recent contact with IBM Global Service Team and they would like to offer SAP User Group member to enjoy the 1st tier FREE service to understand what the impact to custom code and business processes are prior to making the move to SAP S/4 HANA.


IBM S/4 HANA Impact Assessment services helps SAP customers to understand the impact of moving their SAP landscape from ECC to S/4 HANA. IBM can quickly identify the IMPACT, RISK and EFFORT associated to the move. As it is a major and important version upgrade, a good planning and preparation is a must. IBM is helping to kick start this and offering a free service of 1st-tier HIA from now to 31 Dec 2017



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We help our members to use SAP software better by organizing regular networking groups, discussion forums for our members to exchange ideas and share experiences over SAP products and services.

We also act as a channel to consolidate feedbacks from our members and relay them to SAP Hong Kong to constructively influence SAP's products and service in the future.


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